Winter of Discontent – Kind of

For the first part of this winter we have been pretty lucky up here in the Northeast. Not much snow and very warm weather. Well things are about to change as the weather has started to get snowy and colder. The rest of this week is going to highlight both. When I got back from work on Friday the snow was beautiful piled everywhere making incredible lines, forms and texture. So I made some frames that  wish could be better but most of what I wanted was there. In my usual style I tend to not try to get everything in focus. Most of the time I am wide open at f4 or 2.8 and that’s the way I like it.


This image struck me as the thorny bushes were all leaning over the same way. The shot below I loved the way the vines curved around the tree and held the snow. Both of these images were shot with the Canon 5D mk3 and the 24-70 f4L. ISO 400 1/320s @ 5.6 at 70mm.



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