Feisol Tripods – perfect travel companion

Today I’ve decided to do something a bit different. Since I have not been on in a while I am going to talk about a product a friend told me about that I really love. I have been looking around for a carbon fiber tripod for a while and a photographer friend of mine showed me his Feisol which he received for a present. It was much smaller and very light. He said it fit in his carry on luggage for the plane ride which really impressed me. So I went looking on B&H Photo Video (my favorite camera store) and found one I really thought would be perfect as a traveling companion. What I picked out was the Feisol CT-3401 which folds down to 18.9 inches. At the same time I purchased a Feisol CB-40D ballhead from them which was nice and small as well.


Boy was I surprised at the quality. Everything was machined well and opened easily. It is on the small side and does not open as far as I would like but for shooting mirrorless cameras on the go it is perfect. The ballhead is very easy to use and has a tension adjustment that is excellent. Now for the kicker – total cost for the two items was around $400. I have also purchased an L bracket but it was backordered.

Now for the images. I’m mostly happy with these images even though I had to rush through making them while family waited for me.

Leica M-P 240 with Leica 35mm Summicron + ND filter
Leica M-P 240 w/ Leica 21mm Super Elmar – HDR image
Leica M-P 240 w / Leica 21mm Super Elmar – HDR image
Leica M-P 240 w / 21mm Super Elmar + ND filter
Leica M-P 240 w / 21mm Super Elmar – HDR image
Leica M-P 240 w / 21mm Super Elmar – HDR image, Lightroom B&W conversion

All of these images were made on the Feisol tripod and ballhead. It was easy and fast to setup for the next shot. At the waterfalls it was pretty windy from the water falling so I grabbed the hook under the ballhead to add more stability. More photos from the trip to come. I have some interesting ones I will share along with the story behind them.


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