Vista House – Oregon

Traveling to the same area brings some interesting challenges photographically. I wanted to go back to the Columbia River Gorge and shoot some waterfalls that I had done before and also some that I had not. It turned out a got a little of both. Driving along the scenic highway is always fun and the Vista House is such a unique place along it. When I got there it was much the same. Tons of people and the wrong time of day for photos. So I started to think outside the box a little. Inside the building there are stained glass windows that surround it and the possibilities were pretty cool.


The rotunda of this building really excited me. I loved the way the three windows and three triangles line up in this image. But what really got me going was the way the light was shining through the stained glass windows on the other side as I turned around. The people going up and down the stairs was very cool and I just kept shooting to try and come up with a good arrangement.


I had the 21mm SE on for the previous shot and turned around and saw this and made the shot. The perspective is a bit off but I like the simplicity of it. Next I went with the 50mm Summilux which for this scene was much better.


The perspective is now correct and again a simple design and balanced as well. After this shot I just started shooting but including the lamp.

I like this one the best, although someone going down in the middle would have made my day. I like the person with the cowboy hat going up and the person climbing with another person looking up. All of them in different frames so to speak.


The shots outside made me think as to how to shoot something different at a terrible time of day for light. The first shot caught my eye as a lesson in curved design using the 35mm Summicron. I love the simple curved lines.


Next I used the Sony NEX7 with the Leica 90mm Tele Elmarit with an effective focal length of 135mm. I waited for someone to go by this lamp as I liked it’s design and shadows.


I loved these lamps so I tried to get something of a scenic from such a cool place atop the scenic highway.


Either way it was an interesting shoot at the Vista House on the Columbia River Scenic Highway.


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