Bar Harbor Sunset – The story behind the photo

I’m not one for sunsets. Yes they are beautiful and so are sunrises but anyone and everyone can make a picture of it. So even though I enjoy seeing them I usually don’t make any photos of them unless they truly move me. This past spring we were up in Bar Harbor Maine for our anniversary. The picture taking was kind of lean as the weather was not great. We checked into our hotel and decided to get something to eat. It was spitting rain but by the time we finished it had let up and was starting to clear. A front was moving out and promised a very interesting sunset. I could see the cloud line where the front was leaving and it was not moving very quickly so I decided to walk around a bit as the sun got lower. I had the Leica M-P 240 with the 35mm Summicron with me and decided to walk along the sea wall in front of the hotel. It has a walkway along it so I started out looking for opportunities on the rocks. The first thing I came across was very interesting and the light was really nice.

Rocks in fading sunlight, Bar Harbor Maine 4/22/16   ISO 800  1/30s  @f13

The light was beautiful as you can see and I spent a lot of time working some compositions with this one working out the best. I climbed back onto the path and things were starting to get interesting overhead. As the sun went down the clouds of the departing front started to glow and with a fishing boat and a Maine island made for a great scene even though I dislike shooting sunsets.

Departing front at sunset, Bar Harbor Maine  4/22/16  ISO 800  1/250  @f6.8

After numerous shots of this scene I settled on this one which I quite like even though it’s a sunset. I walked down the path happy that I had made some good images but the departing front was so colorful I had to look for another image but different from the others. This was a tough one. What I came up with was pretty good even though a bit trite. It is still satisfying even though I have seen it before. When you go out to shoot you never know what will transpire so be prepared!

Tree in sunset silhouette, Bar Harbor Maine 4/22/16  ISO 800  1/250  @f5.6

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