A Walk in the Waves

Yesterday Cape Ann was taking a pounding from the Northeast and the waves were pretty intense. Even though I was drawn to the Northeast side of Rockport I decided to head to Pebble beach on the opposite side to try some long exposures with the ND filter. Timing was very tricky as the tide was coming in and almost on top of me so making a quick shot, at .7 sec and then run for it were common. Finally I settled on a couple of spots and tried to time them for some cool slow wave action. This was an experiment with the ND filter to see what I got. My exposures with the Canon 5D Mk3 and the 24-70 were in the .3 – .7 of a sec area at f16 then I shot a few with the 70-200 also with the ND filter. Still fun trying not to be run over by the waves.

Canon 5D MK3 w/24-70  24mm ISO 100  .3 sec @ f16

I tried to pick a high spot so the waves would not reach me which worked out pretty well. The next shot was an experiment with the 70-200.

Canon 5D MK3 w/70 -200  ISO 100  1 sec   f32

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