Morning Walk

Morning walks can surprise you. Even on lousy days just poking around with a camera can be fun. A few days ago my morning walk resulted in some fine images. The light was magical as I walked through Millbrook Meadow Park. The light was peaking from behind the leaves as I walked by the pond which had a light haze over it from the cool morning air. One of my favorite things to do is shoot against the light – you might say it is my signature thing. In my early days as a photojournalist it was important to make images that jumped off the front page. Shooting into the light gave this wonderful contrast and halo of light that thrills me even today. As I started to walk up the path to the street this scene struck me.

Millbrook Meadow path morning sun October 2016   Leica M-P 240  35 Summicron  ISO 400 1/250s  F8

There was a slight haze as the sun poked through the leaves and the wonderful star was made with the aperture at F8. The texture on the rocky path is wonderful as it leads up to the top of the hill where the entrance to a cemetery is marked by the rot iron fence. In the larger version of this image the shadows are opened up to about a zone three or four.


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