Black & White – lines and design

Every once and a while I’ll head out with my camera set to B&W and the vintage 21mm Super Angulon from the 1960’s on the M-P 240. The reason for the B&W is because the lens produces a violet cast on the left and right edges. This is because the rear element of the lens is to close to the sensor. So I set the camera to B&W and head off like I have a Leica monochrome in hand. I see in B&W it’s who I am and only bright colors get me to make a shot. It was fun to handicap myself with a vintage lens and a super wide at that. This shot struck me right away with the descending lines from the canvas and the opti sailboats stacked up on end. The design of the lines coming down and the lines going across jumped out at me and the result it below.

Opti’s and lines Aug. 31, 2016  ISO 400  1/1000s  f6.8

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