Motif and Shadows

Yesterday, again, I wanted to use my dad’s old Leica 21mm Super – Angulon. This lens was the Leica standard ultra wide for many years starting in the early 60’s. The lens was manufactured by Schneider to Leica specs and is still a wonderful piece of high quality glass. It’s major problem with digital cameras is that the rear element protrudes to far back into the camera and is to close to the sensor and makes it so the meter can’t be used unless you use the camera on Live View.  I use the EVF on the camera with this lens and it’s wonderful for seeing the full image and for help focusing. I still find the rangefinder to be more accurate than focus peaking. However with this lens’ close focusing with the rangefinder is not possible down to the lenses min. 16 inches. It is possible however if you are using the EVF which is another reason why I like to use it. I like the design of this image with the strong shadow from the bench and the sweeping lines reaching out to the Motif #1. Another fine morning for image making!

October 2016  Rockport, MA  Leica M-P 240  Leica 21mm SA  ISO 200  1/250s  f11

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