waxing super moon

Super Moon

Let’s face it as a landscape photographer we really have to go out and make the effort to photograph the largest moon since 1948. So I made the trek down to Long Beach in Rockport to see if I could make a shot that was maybe a little different. The phone app I have suggested where a good location would be to get the moon rising between the lighthouses at Thacher Island. What I did not take into consideration was that the top of the island is not the horizon so the moon came up over the island well to the right of where I though it was going to be. I had my 300mm f2.8 with me and initially used it on my Canon 5d Mk3 but that was a little short so I switched cameras to the Canon 7d Mk2 which makes the focal length 480mm. This got me a little closer but I really should have started out with my 1.4 tele extender attached to the lens which makes it a 672mm. I eventually went that route. It was a great experience making sure everything on the camera is set right and being able to adjust as things change as the light faded and the color started to change. The image below is a large crop and has been enhanced a bit to accentuate the moon.I love the image below as it is a different cropping with the moon to the left of the light as it comes up but with more island to the right.

Canon 5d MK 3  Canon 300 f2.8

2 comments on “Super Moon

    • Sorry to hear your shooting plans got wrecked. We were very lucky to have such a nice waxing moon. I shot the full moon tonight but the exposure difference was extreme requiring two exposures at the least. I’ll post when I get them done.

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