The Rowing Country Lawyer

A couple of weeks ago I received a call from an old friend who works at Lawyers Weekly in Boston. He wanted to know if I would be able to work on a story of a local lawyer (George Sibley) that rowed to work each day across Gloucester Harbor. As a photojournalist you find yourself working on varied stories but it’s always fun to shoot something that is indeed different. I wanted to go onto his boat for the shoot but it’s more of a pulling boat which makes it a bit tippy and there is not that much room to move around in the back as it is a double ender. So I opted to shoot from shore and not put my gear in danger of getting wet.

This shot reminds me of W. Eugene Smith’s country doctor shot without the sky. And of course the smile. But it’s of a country lawyer on his way to work. Sibley calls his water front area “Low Tide Yacht Club”

I was able to follow lawyer Sibley down to the waterfront and to his boat – then shoot him as he crossed the harbor and tied up at a local fishing float. He then walked up to the court house and left his oars in the entry way. A fun shoot.

Pulling away from his dock at Rocky Neck.
Sibley heads out of Smith Cove in Rocky Neck.
Lawyer Sibley puts some steam in the oars on his way across the harbor.
Landing his pulling boat can be a challenge between the fishing boats.
Tying up at the float before heading up to the courthouse.
Sibley walks up the gangway to street level.
Crossing Rogers St. in Gloucester with oars in hand.
Lawyer George Sibley asks a court officer if he could leave his oars by the door before heading up to court.

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