Mitten toed frog

The other morning I was out killing time before a gallery hanging at the Rockport Art Association. I was without a camera which is unusual for me. As I was walking around outside the RAA the frog sculpture caught my interest. Water from the heavy rains of the past few days had clung to the sculpture with little pools of water. I noticed this crazy thing, a mitten was stuck on the toe of one of the legs. I stood there staring at it. This is way cool but darn I don’t have a camera on me … then I thought, wait a minute I do have my phone the iPhone 6s. So I pulled out the phone and framed up this shot which I really like. I went to a nearby coffee shop (Brothers Brew) and pulled it up on the phone  and converted it to B&W. Then I zipped it off to Instagram and Facebook. Wow modern technology is really something. Then while at the gallery hanging, a friend commented that he liked the frog shot from out front of the RAA that I had just made about 30 min. before. What fun!

Frog Toe Mitten
The toe of the frog at the Rockport Art Association has a mitten attached to it. Apple iPhone 6s

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