The Coffee Shop

Most every morning my wife and I head down to Brothers Brew in Rockport for a morning cup of coffee or tea and a pastry of sorts. I almost always have the Leica with me. It can be difficult taking the candid shot of the counter folks as the work hard to make customers their morning elixir. The only time this is possible is if they are engaged in conversation with a customer. Here the owner talks with a customer about something – I wasn’t listening I was concentrating on my exposure and focusing. It can be a neat trick to get the focus right at f2 on my 35 Summicron. I like to shoot both B&W and color at the same time as I now have some options right out of the camera without doing any conversions. The image below is a straight jpg out of the camera and it is outstanding. I have many people ask me why I like B&W so much. My explanation is this. B&W is so much simpler you don’t have to worry about competing colors in the image. I’ll show you what I mean. How you ask? Well I happen to have a color version as well ( see below the B&W) compare the two.



See what I mean! How about that pink note hanging on the coffee dispenser and the yellow light fixture and the blue one plus the red of the Coke fridge. They just pull your eye away from the image. I like the B&W much better no competing colors.


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