UU Steeple

For quite some time I have been looking for an angle of the Unitarian Universalist Church here in town. The steeple is being restored and I have never really found the angle I wanted. Until today. I was driving up the street opposite the church and caught a glimpse of it between two buildings and instantly knew that this was the angle I was missing. Today I was out and about with my Sony Nex7 with the Leica 35 Summicron attached which makes it a 52.5mm lens with the sensor crop of this camera. Perfect for everyday images. For some reason today I was into shapes, I don’t know why but everything I saw was in shapes. The light was incredible as usual and everywhere I turned, the buildings, walls, trees, etc. struck me as interesting shapes. This image was triangles and squares all over the place. One thing about the Sony sensor man is it clean at ISO 100.




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