Distorted Working Skiff

Recently I picked up the Sony 10-18 as my wide on the Sony Nex 7. So far I am very impressed. Edge to edge sharpness and really nice accurate color. I had some fun poking around with it yesterday and even used it on an assignment. Here I am going down on the dock again, easier this time but with a layer of ice. Kinda of slippery. I hope to add more posts regarding using this lens in various situations. So far with minimal use it has performed well. Anyone who knows me knows my shooting style is either wide or tight it’s just the way I see. When I go out with my Leica and the Sony as the long camera I’ll have either my 35 or 21 on the Leica M-P and the 90 on the Sony as a 135. I find this system to work quite well for me. The main reason for picking up the 10-18 is for landscape work. I hope to buy a Lee system of filters to use on this camera and my Canon system. The reason for having two systems is that the Leica/Sony mirrorless system is so much lighter than my very heavy Canon system. Hiking around with heavy gear is not much fun so I’m getting used to the lighter equipment. Stay tuned for more.

Working skiff Rockport Harbor  Sony Nex7 10-18   ISO 100  1/200s  f10

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