Icy Leaf

You never know when the opportunity for a nice image will appear. The other morning after a snow and rain event that froze on our driveway like a skating rink this wonderful image appeared before me. Early morning light, ice with a colorful leaf. The temptation is always there with an image like this to over saturate the color of the leaf but I try to keep it as real as possible if I can.

As I skidded down the driveway on the way to my car I noticed this gem. I was carrying another camera with me that did not give me much of a close focus opportunity so I reached in the car and grabbed the Canon G15 which is always handy. I know you have heard me pontificate before about this little camera but it really is a marvel. The sensor may be small but it packs a big punch. I like to refer to it as my view camera in my pocket because of that small sensor. Let me explain. The smaller the sensor the wider the depth of field no matter what the focal length of the lens or aperture. The only thing that really affects depth of field with a small sensor camera is subject distance. So even something that is moderately close will be sharp from front to back even with a large aperture. Hence the reference to a view camera.

This image is a little different as it was made at f2 but in Macro mode. So you can see it is sharp for most of the image but falls off near the edges and under the ice. The interesting thing about this image is that it was taken with the camera set to 3:2 ratio but in RAW mode. So when you pull it up in Lightroom the 3:2 crop overlay is shown over the 4:3 full image so you can move the crop up and down. I had been a little tight at the bottom when shooting it but this ability to see everything allowed me to adjust the crop. Wonderful.

Leaf in Ice, Rockport Dec. 2016  Canon G15  ISO 80  1/125 sec  f2.0  Macro mode

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