Bamboo Chutes in Snow

It’s not often that I post to this blog from my iPad. Today I was lazy and thought I would try to work with a photo I made yesterday with my iPhone 6s. My wife and I were at the veterinary clinic with our dog Kodak. He was in for a blood test. That morning we had a nice fluffy light snowfall and it just so happened that the vet had a big grove of bamboo growing off the parking lot. I knew right away that I wanted to make a shot of it but the pup came first. So in we went with Kodak pulling me all the way. When we were done the dog went in the car and I pulled out the phone and looked for interesting arrangements of chutes and snow. Today I pulled this image up in Snapseed and did some post processing on it and saved to my camera roll. Easy and now I can put it into my blog. Great fun these photo apps. I mostly use Lightroom mobile for this stuff so that I can go back and forth between the iPad and the computer very easily.

iPhone 6s  ISO 25  1/550 sec. f2.2. 4.15 mm

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