The Hands of Change

Yes it’s me from the coffee shop again! This time I went in with a new tactic. I used the Leica M-P 240 with the Leica EVF to try and make some images of unguarded moments. It actually worked quite well. The EVF is a pretty good tool – not the best but decent. The best thing you can do with it is to shoot looking down into it at a 90º angle. This makes people thing you are just looking down into your camera. That’s how the photo below was made as the coffee shop owner thought about something. Today I was using my dad’s 28 mm Leica Elmarit V1. Love this lens. In color it has some very slight magenta fringing on the edges and the meter can be a little erratic so I use the EVF which takes the meter reading directly off the sensor.


I also did that for this photo of a mom and her daughter having a moment over a donut at the shop before school.


Then the title shot of the “Hands of Change” as one of the baristas gave change back to a customer.



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