working skiffs low tide

Below the high tide mark

It’s been a couple of days since I have posted. My photography has been on the back burner as I have been in photography educator mode. The syllabus, course schedule, and assorted materials have been on my mind. But this morning I got out for a bit and took in the sites of Rockport Harbor below the high tide mark. The light was great and the tide was really low so I climbed down a ladder to shoot some of the dinghy’s that were tied up at the dock. I really like this shot. It reminds me of a painting that I have that shows boats at low tide. The Leica M-P is so easy to use and carry when going up and down ladders and climbing all over the place. As I was down at water level and poking around these two lobster boats with their reflections gave me a nice composition. In my Intro to Digital Photography course I will be talking about pre-visualization quite a bit. This process of looking at a scene and deciding how you would like to see it in print or on screen can be instantaneous or take a very long time. I saw the lack of color and incredible clouds coming in as an opportunity to convert this image to B&W. I knew that in B&W the clouds and reflection would dominate the photo which could really make for an interesting image. I hope my students will grasp the concept of pre-visualization as I did many years ago when I studied the work of Ansel Adams, “Photographic images are made not taken”.

Lobster boats ride at their moorings on a calm morning. Leica M-P 240  35 mm Summicron

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