Solo Show – What to Do?

Have any of you folks done a solo show? This is my first one and it’s driving me nuts. Finding a theme was not hard but the task of pulling the right images has been a real headache. As a photojournalist it was easy to edit my work. I could rip through and pull 8-10 images from hundreds, process them, ID them and I was done in 45 minutes. But this has been much more difficult.

Early morning light Millbrook Park Rockport

In early April I have a show coming up at the Rockport Art Association. The room being used is not all that big so I can hang about 15-16 images depending on size. So the edit is really important. Staying with the theme is paramount. I never thought it would be this hard. When I think I have found my images I am torn between the ones I have picked and the ones I have not. A real nightmare!

Stickwork at the PEM in Salem

What to do? So I chuckle when I make that statement as having to many good images is a good thing right? Now comes the hard part – killing off my babies. Which is so tough to do. Finding the images that really fit the theme helps but I’m still left with over 24 images that need to be culled down to 15-16 keepers that are to be printed.

Pebble Beach waves Rockport

The next thing I have to do is look at the exhibit space and decide what images fit the space the best. It’s not a big room but I can only fit so many verticals and the rest horizontals. Do I go for size – for me bigger is better, or do I go for smaller in the hopes some will sell? A very tough decision. This whole thing is very close to putting together a book. What images fit the theme and which images do you really like? So tough!

Heading out
A lobsterman heads out past the Motif#1 into Rockport Harbor for a morning of lobstering.

Finally I am getting close to what I want as a representation of my work – here is the promo piece for the show. Now comes the hard part printing and framing!



2 comments on “Solo Show – What to Do?

  1. I love the promo piece.
    Personally though when I go to a gallery I would rather see the large photos instead of many more small ones. I understand selling is a goal but you said it yourself that you like them bigger.

    • Thanks Justin – The image sizes are 14×20 and 20×30. So frame sizes are 20×26 and 26×36 only 16 images so reasonable for a smaller space. I don’t like going smaller than the 14×20 would like to go 16×24 on the 17″ paper but it does not leave enough room for mounting only 1/2″.

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