Wondrous Winter

The scene this morning was out of this world. I woke up to this spectacular snow landscape. I have not used my father’s Leica 135 mm Tele Elmar f4 very much if at all so I decided it was time to break it out and make some shots of the trees covered in snow.

Snow, Rockport  Leica M-P 240 Leica 135 Tele Elmar  ISO 200 1/12 sec @f8

The lens performed beautifully even though it needs a good Mr. Ye cleaning and re-lubrication. I put the Leica M-P 240 on the Feisol tripod with the L bracket and screwed in the old time cable release and proceeded to use Live View to make this shot. I focused on the branches in the foreground with the focus peaking and focus magnification. It worked great but I needed to be at f11 instead of f8 as the trees in the background are not as sharp as I would like. This is a reminder for me to check focus at f4 and not f8. I thought I was getting everything in but it’s hard to tell with the focus peaking. When the red fringing is the heaviest it’s in focus. There are so many variations though so it’s hard.


I like the vertical shot better but they both get me excited to see the many variations of tones between black and white.


This image is likely my Christmas card for next year. I love the branches and the curving lines.


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