Capt. Bill

This morning was kind of gray out but I still decided to hike about downtown and look for something interesting. I brought the Sony Nex 7 along with the 10-18mm. I’m a real wide angle fan – always have been. I ventured out towards the back entrance to the Motif  where I noticed my friend Bill Lee had his trawler the “Ocean Reporter” tied up alongside the ancient fish shack. We struck up a conversation and he invited me up to his office on the top floor of the Motif. What an eclectic place. Tons of stuff everywhere. Some of it was left over from the previous occupant but quite a bit of it brought in by Bill. He was a busy guy but let me make a shot of him looking out the window. He also let me stick around and take some more shots of his office then I let myself out. Here are some more of the images of his “office”.

Interesting juxtaposition
Looking out the front window
Bottles found at low tide



Evidence of the former Ocean Reporter
Capt. Bill Lee looks out the window of his office

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