Save Yourself

Continuing with images with a little humor I found this image the other day. This is an interesting closed for the season sign at an establishment on Bearskin Neck in Rockport. You never know what you are going to find when you carry a camera with you all the time. I find that with this particular camera and lens (Sony Nex-7, 10-18) I shoot a ton of 15mm stuff as it adds to the interest with some distortion. I do like to walk around with my Leica and one lens as it helps me see images better. My lenses of choice are the 35 Summicron and the 28 Elmarit V1 that was my dad’s. I have to force myself to do different things like pull out the 50 Summilux and shoot wide open at 1.4 with a .3 ND filter in bright sunlight. I hope to go out later in the day today to do some of that. My next goal is to shoot with my 90 Tele Elmar for a few days and nothing else, that should be a treat.

Save Yourself  Sony Nex 7  10-18 @ 10 (15mm)  1/60s  @f10  ISO 125

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