Chain Gang

I have been experimenting shooting wide open with my 50mm Summilux lately. Sometimes with a .3 ND filter but yesterday was cloudy so I did not need it. It has been fun honing down my focus skills with the Leica M-P 240. Trying to visualize the image before hand and coming up with a focus plan can be daunting. Yesterday I wandered over to Lanes Cove and found some interesting things to photograph. These chains are used to keep boats along the granite walls of the cove. There are interesting chain plates and things bolted to the granite all over the place. I’m guessing these are left over from when Lanes Cove was used to load up granite onto schooners for distribution around the Northeast. You never know this could be a project – “Granite – A Time Gone By”. I’ll have to think about that. It could be interesting photographing the left over quarries and the things used to harvest the rock from Cape Ann.

Chain Gang,  Leica M-P 240  Leica 50mm Summilux   ISO 200  1/4000s  @ f 1.4

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