Reflections, Fading Ice – book and bottle

It was well over a month ago and I was in Boston to drop a painting off to be cleaned. As I got out of the car I saw this really interesting composition of melting ice in a small river near where I was going. I was really interested in the reflections of the trees among the chunks of ice and did not think of much else, then I saw it! In the upper right hand corner near the top of this scene is an open book with a bottle sitting embedded in the ice. After I made the picture and started to walk off toward my appointment I began to think of what the story was the open book and bottle. Had someone been out on the ice when it was frozen over and had been drinking while reading and left them there? Had they just thrown the book and bottle off the small bridge? There must be a story! What do you folks think?

fading ice-1
Leica M-P 240  35mm Summicron  ISO 200  1/250s  f8

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