Long Shadows

Morning light can be inspiring! What drew me into this were the long shadows from the trees. Then the fence and white parking lines following the curve of the street made the image. The curves of the asphalt repair lit up by the sun are pretty cool as well. I also love the way the asphalt texture pops up in the cross light. As a photojournalist I was always looking for impact images and quite often that meant shooting into the sun. I held my hat up high over the lens to keep the flare out of the lens which really improved the contrast. Against the light! Try it I think you will like it. I love the quality of high contrast light, the way it rim lights things has always been a draw for me.

morning blog-1
Leica M-P 240  28mm Elmarit V1  ISO 400  1/1000s  f5.6

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