The Mooring Stone

There are some parts of Rockport that have amazing light early in the morning. White wharf is one of these. This mooring stone sits at the White Wharf pier and catches my interest whenever I walk down there. The extreme sidelight in the early morning almost gives the granite a glow. There are a couple of granite benches down on the pier which beg you to sit and ponder the wonderful light for a while. I like to sit and watch the sun play off small ripples in the water. High tide is my favorite time and if it coincides with calm weather, no wind, and early morning light it’s magical.

granite and water-1

The ripples are moving constantly providing a new image every time you press the shutter. I enjoy making a few images to see which one works better. But it’s the light that is spectacular. Just sitting and looking at how it plays on the granite and water makes you think a bit. I often think about how it was many years ago when these wharfs were working granite export hubs. Did folks back then stop and look at the light as it played upon the granite they were loading onto coastal schooners?

granite and water-2

 The mooring stone is probably from that era. These giant pieces of granite with a hole in the middle had a tree trunk that came up through the middle which boats would then tie up to. One thing is for sure if you were tied up to the tree trunk with a piece of granite attached to it your boat was not going anywhere. A brilliant idea from many many years ago.

morning blog-2


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