Ghouls abound!

This is not a recent photo but I was going through some older images and came across this. Here’s the story. I was in Cambridge with a friend, we were in town to get some sensor cleanings done. I had my Leica M9 with me with the 35mm Summicron. We dropped off our cameras to be cleaned and then dropped into a local bar for something to eat. Interestingly, these artist renditions of ghouls were hanging from the ceiling. They were really cool looking. This artist is very talented (to bad I don’t remember who it is or what the name of the bar is). Either way the shot was made in color and then converted to B&W. There was not much color going on with these objects and the ceiling was red which in B&W is black. Amazing art! The image below was just plain bizarre. The bartender went over to the window to raise the blinds and there was this guy staring in the window, very interesting. Come to find out he was a local carpenter working on an apartment in the area and came in to talk cameras.  As I look around the image I see cool stuff. The usual photos on the wall on the left – but then an accordion on the other wall and a ghoul hanging from the ceiling. I also like that you can see out though the window at the store fronts across the street and of course a T sign. Bizarre but interesting.




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