Wrought Iron in White

Cold dreary day out next to the water! After my morning at the coffee shop I decided to go look for something interesting not knowing if anything would avail itself. I made my way down to the waterfront and started looking around with the Sony Nex-7 and 20mm lens (30mm in 35 terms). It’s small, light, focuses close and has excellent image quality for such a low cost lens. It’s a pretty good lens for kicking around with. I ventured over to the Sandy Bay Yacht Club hoping for a nice contrasty image in keeping with the gray light. I found the wrought iron easy chairs all lined up in storage. They are all white and this one in particular had this leaf design on it. The white against the dark wet wood of the decking jumped out at me. I find myself looking for B&W all the time now. Unless the color is really striking and adds to the design of the image I am tempted to ignore it.

wrought iron chairs-
Sony Nex-7  Sony 20mm  ISO 100  1/250s  f2.8

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