Old New England

Pardon me while I obsess over B&W. My photographic journey started way back in the mid sixties shooting B&W Pan X ASA 32. It was a great fine grain film to work with and had a great dynamic range. Then the process of working the negative while printing it was tons of fun if you had the proper instruction. I was lucky to receive very high quality printing instruction from my dad and one of his friends in a first class commercial darkroom right in our own home. This training has allowed me to work within the confines of Lightroom, Photoshop and Silver Efex Pro to produce incredibly toned images that represent true silver prints. In my recent show many people asked me if the prints were silver prints made in the darkroom. To me this was a great compliment. Getting the look of silver prints is not easy and I know that my journey is not over as far as learning goes. But knowing how they should look is more than half the battle. On my morning walk today this image reminded me so much of my early years here on Cape Ann. The buildings look the same and even the lobster buoy’s look the same. The crooked door and weathered shingles are part of that old New England look.  Siver Efex Pro2 by Google’s Nik Software is an incredible tool that gives you wide latitude in the conversion process. Not only do you get some great pre-sets but you can tweak things to your hearts content with filters and further adjustments. Then when you pull the images back into Lightroom you can play around even more. It just keeps getting better. I love this image it brings me back. The light this morning was incredible.

behind bearskin--4
Leica M-P 240  Leica 28mm Elmarit V1  ISO 200  1/500s  f8

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