Mr. Screechy

Yesterday morning we were treated to a quest in our pine tree. What alerted me to him were the smaller birds chirping and hassling him as he sat sleeping on a branch. One can only surmise why they were giving him such a hard time. He must have had a baby bird for breakfast. He stayed all day and into early evening. At first glance he looks like just a black shape up in the tree blocked by pine needles and branches but on closer inspection a Screech Owl is revealed. They are small so out came the giant camera and the 300 2.8 with the tele extender on it which makes the effective focal length a 720mm lens. Try to hold this rig straight up in the air while trying to get him to look at you. Not an easy task. It is one heavy beast. The exposure at ISO 800 was 1/1250s at 5.6.



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