While we were up in Maine I was playing around with my Dad’s Leica 135 f4 Tele-Elmar. I had a great time shooting with this lens and was very pleased with the results. Very sharp!. It needs a good CLA and focus adjustment, for some reason it back focuses on the rangefinder. With the Leica M-P 240 and the Visoflex EVF 2 it’s spot on. So right now I am using the EVF with this lens and enjoying shooting wide open at f4. The image presented here was shot at F8 and cropped a bit to take out other buildings on the left of the frame which made it more confusing. The lens provides a pretty good balance with the M-P since the camera is quite heavy. Now for the kicker this lens is very inexpensive for a Leica lens. Used somewhere in the $400 range. You Leica folks that follow this blog should check out this lens it’s killer for the price.

maine 1-1
Leica M-P 240  Leica 135mm Tele-Elmar  

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