On Assignment

Yesterday I was on assignment for a local newspaper at a festival. It was not unlike things I have done in the past hundreds of times. But this time I decided to use much smaller gear than I usually do. Let me explain. I normally use my news setup of two cameras a Canon 5D Mklll with the Canon 24-70 and the Canon 7D Mkll with the Canon 70-200. A great setup but real heavy as both cameras have battery grips on them.

1003435451 MA_NAC_sheep6kw
Canon G15 85mm  1/320s  f2.5  ISO 200

So I decided to go as light as I could. I used my Sony Nex7 with the 10-18 (15-28) ultra wide zoom and my Canon Powershot G15 with the 28-140 zoom. I have the zoom set in steps for normal focal lengths 28, 35, 50, 85, 100, 240. But I use only the 50-140 steps since the other camera is the wide camera. It took me a little while to get used to the workflow of using these two cameras together since they are completely different. But I got the hang of it fairly fast. It turned out really great.

1003435451 MA_NAC_sheep7kw
Canon G15  140mm  1/320s  f2.8  ISO 160

Zooming back and forth with the G15 was a challenge at first since I have it setup as steps at different focal lengths. So using my feet to zoom with fixed focal lengths was interesting. The thing I like about the G15 is the ability to position the camera anywhere to make the shot using the live view screen. With my Canon 7D Mkll this would be impossible since it’s a beast. I could never hold it with one hand getting it in position like this. I would have had to shoot with two hands and with it up to my eye for the shot above. Now I was able to hold the camera well to my right and up high to get this shot.

1003435451 MA_NAC_sheep2kw
Sony Nex7  15mm  1/250s  f4.5  ISO 100

Holding the camera down low can be done with my Canon 5D MKlll but it’s guess work from experience. The shot above was made using the flip up screen on the back of the Sony Nex7 and the shot below was done the same way.

1003435451 MA_NAC_sheep3kw
Sony Nex7  27mm  1/250s  f8  ISO 100

As you can see using the camera at the kids level is essential for getting the right angle. I could have gotten down even lower for the shot above. Overall this was a good experiment and I am considering purchasing a Sony 16-70 (24-105) which would be all I need for most assignments like this. I could bring along my Leica Elmar 135 f4 if I needed more length but thats more weight so probably not.


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