Early Evening Light

The other night I was walking to an event in town around 6:30pm. The low light was really something streaming through everywhere. If you have been following my blog you know I like to shoot against the light whenever the opportunity arises. I had the Leica with me and the Leica 50 Summilux attached because I wanted to photograph people at the event I was going to. This lens is a wonderful tool for photographing people at the wide open aperture of f 1.4. These images however needed a certain amount of depth of field.  In years gone by a normal focal length was 50mm this was the lens that was sold with most cameras back in the day and the one great photojournalists used. I found I like the 28mm or the 35mm better as a walk around lens.

The half mile walk to the event provided some interesting image opportunities. The featured image has some great lines and angles all over it and is my new favorite of the week.


The image above is also a favorite I like the way the light plays through it. The in shadow fence in the foreground leads you into the frame and then it falls away to the left out of focus. The detail in the flowers is what pulled me into this image. It just gives me that feeling of spring going into summer.


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