Dog Walker

I think I have settled on my favorite street lens. My dad’s old Leica 28mm Elmarit Ver. 1. I had this lens CLA’d by Mr. Ye here in Massachusetts. It is now such a beautiful lens and the results have been among my best in the last few months. I use it in a number of different ways but my favorite street method is to set the fstop at f8 and set the focus to 4ft to 15 ft which allows me to get fairly close without people being on their guard. In this image I knew I wanted to get the fence, tree and lamp post in the shot so I just stood there looking like I was making a picture of the scene. When this guy started up the sidewalk I lowered my camera from my eye like I was letting him pass by without me taking a photo. I held the camera at my waist and tripped the shutter as he got into the frame.

I also use this lens with the EVF when I shoot landscape type images as it gives me better control over focusing. It’s a fun old lens from the early 60’s. On a digital camera it’s magic.



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