Painters Tools

Every once in a while my morning walks take me past a painters studio on School St. in Rockport. This morning on my way to tea at Brothers Brew with my better half this composition struck me as very interesting. A great B&W image was just there for the taking if not for the reflection of the church behind me. An initial exposure was made with the Leica and the 35 Summicron but the reflection was overwhelming. On the way back from morning tea I pulled out the Canon G15 and backed up some to get a better angle and to shoot with the lens all the way out at 140mm at 2.8. This minimized the reflection and allowed me to crop in on the brushes and models. In post processing a high contrast treatment worked well to take out the reflection and then some adjustment brush work took it out even more. You can still see the reflection of the clapboards of the church in the hand. But to me it just gives it more character. Printing this will be a joy!

Painters Tools  Canon G15  140 mm  ISO 100  1/250s  f2.8

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