Graduation Clouds

Yesterday was graduation day in Gloucester and the clouds were magnificent along with the heat. After almost 40 years of photographing graduations the formula for covering them is the same. But interestingly I have never made this shot before of the graduates coming out of the school. The Sony Nex-7 with the 10-18 ultra wide angle zoom was my wide camera instead of the heavy Canon rig which usually accompanies me. This small camera and lens combination made the day more enjoyable. The clouds were wispy and great looking so taking advantage of them was a real treat. Converting this image to B&W only made sense. The shadows were pretty awful at 2pm but the Sony sensor was able to give a wide enough tonal range to make it workable. I discovered that my shutter speed was pretty low at 1/100s which created some slight movement in places. This happened when changing my ISO from 6400 inside to 100 outside but keeping the shutter speed the same. A small blunder. I was walking backwards while taking this shot so the right corner is also fuzzy from movement (me). Which brings me to a quote:

“Photography is a game of variables, how well you control those variables determines your success as a photographer.” ©Kirk R. Williamson

In this case clearly I did not control the variables very well, the shutter speed should have been 1/500 or higher.



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