Film – Oh My

Ok so I have drifted backward! I’m slowly getting over it. But dam was it easy to do after being away from it for so long. The color world is slowly but most assuredly coming apart. Give folks an inch and they will take a mile! Lightroom, Photoshop, Photomatix etc. have enabled people to go over the top with color images. Way over processed sunsets and sunrises with weird fuzziness around the sharp edges (clarity turned down all the way). You all know I like B&W anyway but the journey back to film had to be easy. So I tried out New55’s R5 Monobath developer which is an all in one process. Six minutes of development and about 10 min. of wash, Photoflo and off to the drier for 6 min. Easy-peasy right. Not so fast. The process takes some getting used to. I’m used to metal Nikkor reels and the process was a pain with that system. Let me explain. The developer starts developing immediately. So it has to get to the film equally which is not easy with Nikkor tanks. So I read the instructions and New55 suggests using the Patterson system and pouring in all 32 ounces to keep the temp as close to 85 degrees as possible. Yikes, 85 degrees that’s a departure from 68 degrees with D-76. So once the developer is in the tank you agitate the reels by spinning them back and forth with the Patterson system. This seems to work for the most part but I did get some reel marks at the top of some negs which is uneven development. You agitate for the first minute and then 10 sec each minute for the six minutes. Longer development does not affect things so no pushing the film unless you process it at 95 degrees. Then it’s into the wash water at 85 degrees for 10 minutes. I then Photoflo and dry the negs in a DSA Senrac drier that I got off Craigslist for $25. The results below are pretty exciting. T-Max 100 was not my film of choice back in the day but for this kind of thing I like it. Next on to the Tri-X I have in the fridge waiting for just the right time!

T-Max 100  New55 R5 Developer  Leica M3  
T-Max 100  New55 R5 developer  Leica M3
T-Max 100  New55 R5 developer  Leica M3



2 comments on “Film – Oh My

    • Haha Marcus you are right. The combo of T Max 100 and this developer seem to work well together. T Max is kind of zippy anyway but this developer seemed to control the highlights pretty well.

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