Oh No I Can’t See My Image

Going back to film is easy, right! Well I found my long lost technique needs some work. So let me pose a question. How many of you check your depth of field on the rear screen after making a shot? I for one do – all the time. It’s part of my digital technique that I have developed over the past few years when shooting landscapes or just things in general. As soon as I started shooting film again I lost the ability to check my depth of field on the LCD. I know, I know when you shoot film the lenses all have a depth of field scale right on it so why not check to see what’s in focus and what’s not at your chosen f stop. The answer is easy, I’m lazy! This image here is just such a case. I really like this one but the building is just a little bit out of focus and it kills it for me. Everything in the foreground is nice and sharp but the shingles on the building and the flag are just a little bit out. Ugggh. Now if I had looked at the depth of field scale I would have known what was in focus. Lesson learned. Check before you waste a frame of film or several frames of film. It gets expensive.


TMax 100  New55  R5 Monobath  Leica M3

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